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Learn a beautiful choreography from the world renowned Helia Bandeh. You will be led by Natasha Bradley who has worked intensely with Helia so you will be in expert hands.

This is an advanced level class where we will be learning technique and movements from Helia's dance format. This will include spins and turns, poses, advanced footwork and floor patterns. We will focus on fluidity, core strength, grace and elegance.

The music is a new classical piece of beautiful piano music which I cannot get enough of and I hope you love it too.

It's a 3-hour long workshop, we will take little breaks as we go. Please bring water. 

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Weekly Classes...

Natasha is proudly one of the longest running Coaches at the Prestigious Santa Maria Bellydance Academy based in Reading, Berkshire. Founded by Helen Santa Maria the SMBA has a history of achieving great results in its students. From dancing just for fun to training budding professionals and loads of performance opportunities. The SMBA is a thriving community of dancers at all levels. JOIN US!

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Private Classes...

Whether you want some extra tuition on top of classes or just prefer a one-to-one lesson style. I can come to you or you can come to me! I'll help you focus on the bits you want improved in a friendly easy to understand style. Contact me via the Contact tab for info

Thinking of starting bellydance classes? Here are a few notes on what to expect....

Like any dance, bellydance is about interpreting the mucic with your body, I will be playing a range of different genres of music in class and will therefore be teaching you lots of different styles of moves to match. Along side the technique you will learn a little about the origins and history of bellydance for example did you know...? bellydance is traditionally a dance for family and social occasions and historically for women only!

Don't be shy! Feel brilliant about who you are, your body and your feminity, and remember whatever shape and size you are, you can bellydance! 

If you stick at it, bellydance is a brilliant way to keep fit and flexible. You will be using more muscles than you think, not just your belly! Your arms and legs will be used massively and you will strengthen your core. 

We will warm up before, and cool down after class to make sure you are fully comfortable throughout the classes.

One last note on what to wear.... Comfortable gym clothes for example leggings/jogging bottoms and a vest top are ideal. I prefer to dance barefoot but  ballet pumps or similar are recommended to protect your feet... And of course you'll need a belt! Any scarf that you can tie round your waist is perfect, if you feel you don't have anything don't worry I will always have some in class to borrow.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact me via the contact page on this site and I hope to see you in class soon!

Previous Workshops and Classes......


Persian Dance Masterclass

In Association with SMBA and Helia Bandeh

Learn a beautiful choreography from the world renowned Helia Bandeh! 

You will be led by Natasha who has worked intensely with Helia so you will be in expert hands

This is an advanced level class where we will be learning technique and movements from Helia's dance format. This will include spins and turns, poses, advanced footwork and floor patterns. We will focus on fluidity, core strength, grace and elegance.

Practical Details:

£35. Early bird price of £25 until 21st June

Saturday 21st July 11am until 2pm. We will take small breaks as we go

At Cotswold Sports Centre

Downs Way,
RG31 6SL


1) Contact Natasha 

2) Pay via bank transfer to

Mrs N R Bradley
NatWest Account Number: 47803665 
Sort Code: 60-07-33
Using "Persian" as reference 
3) I will email you to confirm

Dance Around the Globe Hafla and Workshops 2018!

After a great weekend last year we're back! 6 teachers across 2 days bringing you dance styles from Gypsy style to Egyptian Drum Solo. I will be teaching beautiful Persian Dance style piece. Find more details and how to book here!


Saturday 2nd September & Saturday 21st October

For complete beginners, or if you've been away a while and want to get your shimmy on again!
We will be learning moves as well as an easy routine

14:30- 16:30 St Ann's Hill, Chertsey
£15 . Or bring a friend and pay £10 each

The Next step in your Fabulous Bellydance journey

Come and progress in your dancing, learn more advanced technique each week. Practice moves at home too and really see yourself improving!

Course Content: Each class will start with a warm up to get the blood flowing and the brain engaged, then it's drills, drills, drills! the best way to perfect your dance technique - repetition! The next part of class will be working on the routine, one routine for the whole course to really get your teeth into! The last part of class will always be cooling down to leave class safely

Friday 27th October to Friday 1st Decembe
18:30 - 19:30
Lyne Village Hall, Lyne, near Chertsey. KT16 0AN

To really get the best experience I advise to book the whole course, however if you just want to dip in and out or perhaps you have a friend who just wants to give it a go then there is an £11 drop- in rate available. Please contact Natasha if you would like to do this.

A 2 hour workshop combining Pilates methods and Bellydance techniques to really get you grooving with ease and style.

Ever had difficulty with undulations, reverse camels or Egyptian Walks? Everyone has that move they find tricky… then this session is perfect for you. We’ll be identifying the specific muscle groups needed for creating luscious movements safely and with strength and control.

How the Workshop will be broken down…..

-45 min Pilates Session

You will be guided by Pilates Expert Caroline Rutzler, here is a little bit about Caroline and what to expect….

Caroline is an ex dancer and has taught Pilates for over 25 years. Her training is with Alan Herdman, who brought Pilates to England. The session will help you to control your movements by engaging your abdominals, strengthening your gluteal muscles (your bum!) and hamstrings. The focus is on how to improve your individual posture and dance technique. Pilates is a great way to underpin your bellydance practice it’s fun & informative and lifesaving on the lower back!

-1 hour Bellydance Drills with Natasha

An hour of full on Drills to get you pumped up and feeling satisfied! The hour will include a combination of SMBA drills designed by Helen Santa Maria and some Suhaila Salimpour inspired Drills with a Natasha twist.

“Drills are a great way to train your body to move freely, and to condition and tone your muscles. Although it may feel challenging, if you put in the hard work will pay off in the end. I guarantee you will leave the session feeling you have cracked at least one movement you’ve had trouble with before.”

Having taught bellydance at all levels, including leading the Desert Diamonds troupe at the SMBA, Natasha has identified some areas in which her students have difficulty. Through better understanding of the body and how it moves she aims to help you combat these pesky problems.

-15 min Pilates cool down, with Caroline.

To get you cooled down safely and to relax the muscles after all our hard work, Caroline will lead a short chilled-out end to our evening.

Please bring a yoga mat if you have one, a small towel (we will get sweaty) and plenty of water!

Spaces are very limited so book soon. 

£25 (or Early Bird! £22 if you book before 28th June)

At Kendrick Girls’ School Dance Studio

From 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Tues 19th July: ***SOLD OUT***

Tues 26th July: ***SOLD OUT***

BEGINNERS CLASS at 'Fitness 4 Women' gym in Egham.  

There are 3 Taster Classes on 3rd, 10th and 17th May where we will look into some different styles of bellydance. Follow simple step-by-step guidance to get started bellydancing.

Then a 6 week course from 7th June promises to bring you more confidence and see yourself really progressing with technique breakdowns and heart-pumping drills

Download the Info sheet here

For more info contact Natasha via the contact form here